Robot Puzzle Factory

built with corona sdk

“Robot Puzzle Factory” is a children’s game for ages 1-6. The purpose of the game is to allow children to construct Robots by piecing parts together using a blueprint.

Once the child completes the robot they are rewarded with a short animation so they can see their masterpiece come to life!
The gameplay is similar to a classic jigsaw puzzle concept, however Robot Puzzle Factory offers beautifully designed graphics, clever sound / music and unique robot parts as the pieces.

“My 2-year-old daughter certainly enjoyed building the robots.” – 4/5 stars,

✔ Stunning puzzle game that lets your children construct robots from individual parts
✔ 15 beautifully designed robots
✔ Interactive objects and sounds to stimulate your child’s senses
✔ See the finished robots come to life at the end of each puzzle!

What will my children learn?
✔ Enhance visual perception and fine motor skills whilst having fun
✔ Learn to recognize and match different shapes and patterns
✔ Understand the concept being rewarded after solving each puzzle

More info:
★ Let learning become your children’s favourite pastime with this interactive robot builder
★ Unique robot character designs and animation that will bring a smile to your children’s face
★ Catchy sound track and effects to keep your children coming back for more!
★ Child-friendly interface specifically designed for young children.
★ Available for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Nook

available as a nook app

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